16 Eco-friendly Ways to Reuse Old Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

A lot of memory foam mattress toppers have a life expectancy of just 5 years. Afterwards the foam sheds the capacity to reclaim form and also slowly begin to droop. A great deal of individuals transform mattress topper hereafter duration, that indicates there is a fair bit of waste around. Rather than enhancing your carbon foot publishes exactly what can you do something extra environmentally friendly? One of the most decided alternative is to reuse the foam as it could be 100% reused. Some makes likewise take utilized mattress toppers, to make sure that’s one more method.

Rather of simply tossing them away I have some special suggestions that will certainly transform your old memory foam topper right into something totally brand-new and also green.

1. Packing for playthings

Why not? They make an outstanding padding product for playthings. Cut them right into tiny items as well as utilize them to pack playthings for your children. You could make playthings out of them and also market on ebay.com or Etsy!

2. Bean bags

A bean bag could be made extra comfy by filling up fifty percent of it with items of memory foam. Or you could stitch a brand-new bag as well as load it entirely with foam items, this will certainly offer rather a decor for your living-room.

3. Give away

Contribute them to the homeless or sanctuary residences. A number of them do not have adequate beds to suit homeless individuals, giving away to them would certainly be an advantage you provide for the society.

4. Child seat pads

You could reduce the foam as well as utilize it as cushioning for child seat. They could additionally be covered in material or natural leather and also made use of as head assistance.

5. Wheel chair pads

Resize as well as provide to an individual on wheelchair. They could be utilized as extra padding as well as assist the individual rest even more conveniently.

6. Halloween outfit

Your old memory foam mattress topper could come helpful throughout Halloween. A great deal of outfits call for lumps as well as this is an exceptional option for that.

7. Paddings for wood chairs

Not comfy resting on your wood chair? Make some paddings from your ‘to be gotten rid of’ mattress topper.

8. Packing for cushions

They could be made use of to earn cushions for your youngsters and also pet dogs. Cut them right into little items and also things them inside the cushion.

9. Dishwashing sponges

We make use of numerous sponges a year. Why not reduce your mattress topper right into square items as well as utilize them as dishwashing sponges. That is a whole lot far better compared to simply tossing them away.

10. Market on Craigslist

OK, this is not a Do It Yourself task. Absolutely I have actually seen individuals marketing as well as getting old mattress toppers on Craigslist, could be for their very own Do It Yourself jobs.

11. Flooring paddings

Cut them right into big square items as well as cover them with ornamental textiles. They will certainly make wonderful flooring pillows.

12. Pet dog bed

Ask yourself why individuals frequently neglect this. Check your mattress size chart if it fits for a dog bed. This is an outstanding suggestion to recycle your old mattress topper. Suffice and also make a bed for your charming family pet. Cover it with a water resistant cover, the foam does not complement pee.

13. Head board

It is an exceptional product to be utilized as cushioning for a headboard. If you were yearning for a headboard for your bed after that this is the correct time to obtain one.

14. Usage as an outside day bed

Utilize it on a daybed in your yard or patio area.

15. Packaging, relocating product

They could be made use of to maintain points undamaged while packaging as well as relocating. Vacuum cleaner storage space bags are an excellent way to maintain them saved till needed.

16. Horticulture knee padding

Horticulture is an exceptional pastime however all that sowing as well as weeding could be a little difficult on your knees. Your old mattress topper will certainly be an exceptional option making a homemade knee pillow.