Beard Balms

Sometimes some people are confused with what a beard balm is and how it differs from perhaps beard oil. In order to explain the difference, let me first explain the need for beard oil. Beard oil is needed to be used regularly because it replaces essential oils needed for the healthy condition of hair, which have been washed out of the hair along with any dirt when the beard was washed. As well as replacing these essential oils needed for a healthy beard, beard oil may also contain ingredients that will assist the beard in being softer and smelling nicer. Although beard balm essentially has many of the same ingredients, a bart pflege solutions may also contain additional ingredients like beeswax to assist in the shaping and styling of the beard.

Although a beard balm can be used to assist in the shaping and styling of a beard, it is perhaps not suitable for the longer styles of beards and so shouldn’t really be used, at least for that purpose, on beards that have a length of over 4 inches. For beards that are over 4 inches in length, although either oil or a balm should still be used, they should be used specifically for conditioning purposes and not for styling or shaping, for that, a beard wax should be used. Beard wax is a similar product to moustache wax which several decades ago were popular, as it was needed to create the popular handlebar moustaches.

Once you use these products correctly, your beard should stay healthy and soft to the touch which certainly helps to make it look good. The other factor that plays a role in making a beard look good, is frequent trimming, For those that have specifically designed beards, they know the need to keep their beards trimmed in order to maintain their perhaps unique design however, not everyone with a full beard is so aware of the need for them to trim their beards regularly. The reason for this is that they may perhaps think that there are no lines defining their beards but, there are. For a beard to be a beard and therefore look more than just a mass of hair that has gotten out of control, it must be contained within specific imaginary lines and trimmed to remain inside those lines on a regular basis. These lines that define the range of a beard are ones down the side of the face, extensions to the outside edge of the sideburns. Above the lip of course is not a beard, it is a moustache and then the bottom imaginary line is one that runs along the join of the neck and the chin. Although this line is imaginary, where it is can usually be seen by way of a crease, under the chin, directly above the Adams apple. It is trimming this bottom line which is often forgotten and when it is, instead of what looks like a healthy, full beard, more often than not looks like body hair is out of control.