2016 Electric Bikes

Although electric bikes have not been around for too long, they have already become popular and there is no reason to think that they will not become even more popular in 2016. How electric bikes work 2016 is by using an electric motor to power the wheels but of course, as the motor itself needs power, that is provided by a battery. One other component that an electric bike has is a control on which to set the motor’s mode. A standard electric bike will have three modes that the motor can be set to, peddle only mode, peddle assist mode and motor only mode. In peddle only mode the motor plays no role, it remains inactive and the bike is for all intents and purposes, a traditional bike which needs to be peddled in order to move. It is perhaps the peddle assist mode which is used most as that allows the motor to switch on at any time the peddles are being used. This means that although the rider peddles, they do so without much effort, even uphill as it is the motor that does most of the work. In the motor only mode, as the name suggests, the motor is on all the time and so no peddling is necessary. The batteries that power these motors obviously need to be recharged but if a bike is used even in the motor only mode, it should travel about 20 miles before a recharge is necessary and if used in the popular peddle assist mode, it could last 40 miles before needing to be recharged. The control is always positioned on the handle bars where it is convenient in case the mode needs to be changed whilst travelling and the battery is located behind the rider’s saddle where it is discreet but the motor has three places that it can be fitted. The motor can be fitted to the hub of the front wheel where it turns that wheel however, some people think that this gives the bike the effect that it is being pulled. The motor can also be placed on the hub of the rear wheel where it turns that but again; some people say that this gives the impression that the bike is being pushed. There have not however been any criticisms when the motor is placed in the middle of the bike where it powers the drive chain in the same way the peddles do. Here as the bike is powered in the same way as they are by peddles, the bike seems to ride normally and as an added bonus, as this location is lower than that of the wheel’s hubs, it also makes the bike easier to control. The reason why the electric bike is becoming more popular than mopeds and scooters is probably due to the fact that an electric bike looks like a traditional bike and weighs only 20 pounds more, as opposed to the mopeds and scooters which are both bulky and heavy.