Basics When Deciding For the Right DIY Steadicam

GoPro is more than just your action camera. It has the ability to be used in different scenarios by videographers of varying fields of interest. It has the ability to be a great tool for the pros who make a living videos. In fact, if you will look at videographers today, they are getting a GoPro to do tricks that would require thousands of dollars in the past. Another reason why GoPro was popularized was because of its user friendly design. In fact, whether you are a bike enthusiast or a sky diver, you can always find value to a GoPro.

If you purchased the GoPro, one of the most challenging things that you have to face is to hold the camera straight. A lot of GoPro users purchased different things in order to keep the camera in place. A tripod is one of the most common things that the GoPro users would buy. The tripod for the GoPro would typically have a suction on its base for versatility. This provides the necessary shots while the GoPro is mounted on walls and other vertical structures.

For videographers on the other hand, the tripod isn’t going to cut it every single time. There will be a need for the DIY steadicams. If you are going to have a DIY steadicam, you want to make sure that you read the reviews.

Why do you need to read the DIY steadicam reviews? For one, it is a necessity that you know the different opinion of GoPro users. Is a particular construction better than the other DIY steadicam tutorials? If you will take time to research, you’ll realize that there are different materials to choose from. You can either make use of metal bars or non-metallic materials. If you think metal is quite heavy, you can go for an alternative which is PVC. PVC is suggested since you can easily lift it while it is openly available. The downside with the PVC material though is that it has the tendency to break faster than metal.

Aside from the construction, you can also evaluate the cost of the materials. PVC is known for its cheap construction and easy to assemble. However, when making your own DIY steadicam, you will still need to incorporate a metallic bar. This can hold the camera, and provide an area where the counter weight is going to be placed.

GoPro cameras provided us with high quality videos. However, you will still need to have your steadicam if you want to get a stable shot. With the right DIY steadicam, you can minimize shakes and unnecessary movements when taking your shot. Of course, DIY option can also help you save a lot of money. In fact, you can have it for less than $20. What you have to understand though is that you have to do your own research. If you will look at the existing reviews out there, you will notice that they are also buying some parts through the internet such as the axis for your handle. Try to see if it is worth it to purchase online for these small items.